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Mr. David Lewarchik is the leading civil appeal attorney in Chicago, IL, and the Michigan area, serving clients from diverse backgrounds with the best appellate legal advice available.

Civil appeals and the process by which appellate courts hear appeal cases is a challenging specialty in the legal profession, requiring unique knowledge and courtroom experience in order to secure favorable outcomes in those cases.

Lewarchik Law PLLC and our talented civil appeal lawyer Mr. David Lewarchik has that experience, providing unrivaled appeals assistance to all clients. Lewarchik Law PLLC has built a reputation on a foundation of courtesy, professionalism, and expertise in appellate law.

Mr. Lewarchik has given the firm the specialized skills to serve his appeal clients to the utmost.

What Are Civil Appeals?

Civil cases differ from criminal cases in that they involve private disputes between persons or organizations.

For example, civil cases could include violations of established contracts, constitutional rights, or breach of legal duties. In a civil case, a final judgment is rendered by the court.  Sometimes, a party unsatisfied with the outcome of that case may file a civil appeal, asking a specialized appellate court to review the original case. 

Appellate courts and the appellate lawyers working with them review the original case to determine whether appropriate statutes were followed or that proper procedures were conducted.

Appellate courts do not retry the original case, and they do not always hear new evidence, unless it has a direct bearing on the initial judgment. As a leading civil appeals law firm, Lewarchik Law PLLC is ready to help clients navigate the complex civil appeals process.

Lewarchik Law PLLC – Civil Appeals Law Firm

At Lewarchik Law PLLC, our talented staff takes the time to create relationships with its clients, addressing their concerns and helping explain the civil appeals process thoroughly.

Civil appeals cases can be extremely complex, with re-evaluation of the pertinent aspects a constant battle until the appeal is heard in court. This is why skilled civil appeal lawyer Mr. David Lewarchik can be of great assistance.

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, appeal lawyer Mr. Lewarchik is the most reliable source of legal assistance, serving clients in Illinois and Michigan with confidence in his ability to expedite matters and help obtain a more acceptable outcome.

At Lewarchik Law PLLC, Mr. David Lewarchik brings to the firm a thorough grasp and keen insight into the numerous aspects of appellate law. David Lewarchik has years of experience in this specific branch of the legal industry. He has worked as an appellate judicial clerk, an appellate staff attorney, and an appeal lawyer at different points throughout his long legal career.

Mr. Lewarchik’s work as an appeal lawyer has set numerous legal precedents, the most notable of which is the unanimous overturning of the appellate court in Bell v. Hutsell, 955 N.E.2d 1099 (2011).

A graduate of the Washington University School of Law, Illinois appeal lawyer Mr. Lewarchik and his expert staff bring the firm’s focus and commitment into ensuring the delivery of the highest quality appellate legal services possible.

In addition to our expert appellate law services, Lewarchik Law PLLC also offers outstanding appeals law advice and advocacy for criminal appeals and post-conviction relief.

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