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Lewarchik Law PLLC is highly experienced in the specialized legal field of federal appeals.

With many years of courtroom experience assisting clients with federal civil appeals and federal criminal appeals, Mr. David Lewarchik, a federal appeal lawyer in Chicago, IL, is uniquely prepared to offer outstanding representation and advocacy to every client he assists.

Appellate law is a challenging specialty in the broad legal profession, and it requires a thorough understanding of appeals law and how appellate courts work.  Mr. David Lewarchik, federal appeal lawyer, has the thorough understanding of appeals law and provides unrivaled legal assistance to appeals clients.

Mr. Lewarchik has built his reputation on a foundation of integrity, professionalism, and expertise in appellate law.  His appeals law background and experience as an appeal lawyer has given our firm the specialized skills to serve our clients to the utmost of our abilities.

What Are Federal Appeals?

Federal appeals are those cases that originate from civil or criminal court proceedings, both from federal and state trial courts.

In the original case, judgments are rendered by the trial court, and sometimes one or both parties (the plaintiff and/or defendant) may not be satisfied with that judgment.  The losing party has the ability to file an appeal, and this is asking a specialized appellate court to review the original case for the purposes of determining whether laws were applied correctly and proper procedures followed.

On the federal level, appeals are heard by the United States Courts of Appeals, sometimes known as the Circuit Courts. There are also several specialized appeal courts that hear appeals from veterans claims, international trade appeals, and many more.

The U.S. Circuit Courts often serve to render interpretations of applicable case laws and statutes. These courts are among the most influential and powerful in the nation, and specialized federal appeal lawyers are necessary in order to receive the proper legal assistance.

As a leading federal appeal law firm, Lewarchik Law PLLC is ready to help clients navigate the complex appeals process, regardless of the type of case.

Federal Appeals Court Cases

Civil appeals and criminal appeals law cases can be extremely complex legal affairs on their own.  Add in the federal appeal process and smart clients will locate an expert appeal lawyer right away for help.

Not every decision handed down by a court will be fair or just, and experienced appeal lawyer, Mr. David Lewarchik has the knowledge necessary to prepare a sound legal argument to restore lost benefits and rights or to secure new judgments stemming from the original case.

Our appellate law firm at Lewarchik Law PLLC is the most reliable source of appeals legal assistance serving clients in Michigan and Illinois. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, we are confident in our ability to expedite matters, and help you get a more acceptable outcome.

Appeal lawyer Mr. David Lewarchik brings to the firm a thorough grasp and keen insight into the numerous aspects of appellate law. Mr. Lewarchik has years of experience in this specific branch of the legal industry. He has worked as an appellate judicial clerk, an appellate staff attorney, and an appeals lawyer at different points throughout his career.

Having provided legal representation to a variety of clients including doctors, insurance companies, injured patients, and criminal defendants, Mr. David Lewarchik has a unique understanding of the law and how it can be applied during a complicated appeal process.

Mr. Lewarchik’s work as an appeal lawyer has set numerous legal precedents, the most notable of which is the unanimous overturning of the appellate court in Bell v. Hutsell, 955 N.E.2d 1099 (2011).

A graduate of the Washington University School of Law, Illinois appeal lawyer Mr. Lewarchik and his talented staff bring the firm’s focus and commitment into ensuring the delivery of the highest quality appellate legal services possible.

Other Legal Services at Lewarchik Law PLLC

In addition to our expert federal appellate law services, Lewarchik Law PLLC also offers outstanding appeal advice and advocacy for criminal appeals, civil appeals, and post-conviction relief at the state level. As a premier appellate law firm in Illinois, Michigan and nationwide, we are ready to provide the best appeal assistance possible.

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