Illinois Appeals

Welcome to Lewarchik Law PLLC, the premier appellate legal firm in the states of Illinois and Michigan. With many years of courtroom and judicial experience in the specialized field of appellate law, our expert attorney, Mr. David Lewarchik, is ideally suited to helping clients with the complex and confusing aspects of filing a civil or criminal appeal in the state of Illinois.

We strive to assist every client with the same level of legal expertise, courtesy, and understanding, taking the time to listen to our clients to ensure a satisfactory outcome in every appeal case we take on.

Appeal lawyer Mr. Lewarchik is a former judicial appeals clerk, giving him the background and experience needed to serve our clients at Lewarchik Law PLCC with the utmost in legal representation, no matter the type of appeal.

What Should I Know About the Appeal Process?

Appellate law is a specialized branch of the legal profession. During a civil or criminal trial, a final judgment is made based on the evidence presented. Any party unsatisfied with the outcome or the terms of this judgment has the ability to file an appeal.

Appellate courts hear these appeals, and while they don’t always hear new evidence or retry the original case, their role is to review the case and the judgment handed down.

During the review, they seek to determine whether applicable laws were followed and that proper procedures were conducted. In some appeals, the court may seek to offer clarification of laws and statutes relevant to the original case.

Lewarchik Law PLLC Appeal Services

Civil appeals and criminal appeals law cases can be extremely complex legal affairs, and unfortunately, errors in judgment during the original trial do occur. Not every decision handed down by a court will be fair or just, and there is also the possibility that the circumstances of an appeal case may need regular revision or changes in tactics.

New witnesses may come forth and new evidence may come to light, necessitating a re-evaluation of the case and possibly a revision–or even a reversal–of the original ruling. It is under these circumstances that Illinois appeal lawyer Mr. David Lewarchik can be of great assistance.

Staffed by a top appellate lawyer that specializes in appeals, Lewarchik Law PLLC is the most reliable source of legal assistance in the Illinois area. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, we are confident in our ability to expedite matters, and help you get a more acceptable outcome.

Mr. David Lewarchik brings to the firm a thorough grasp and keen insight into the numerous aspects of appellate law. As the firm’s lead appeal lawyer, Mr. Lewarchik has years of experience in this specific branch of the legal industry. He has worked as an appellate judicial clerk, an appellate staff lawyer, and an appeal lawyer at different points throughout his career.

Having provided legal representation to a variety of clients including doctors, insurance companies, injured patients, and even criminal defendants, Mr. Lewarchik knows first-hand of the work and complexity involved in pursuing an appeal in Illinois.

Mr. Lewarchik’s work as an appeal lawyer has set numerous legal precedents, the most notable of which is the unanimous overturning of the appellate court in Bell v. Hutsell, 955 N.E.2d 1099 (2011).

A graduate of the Washington University School of Law, Illinois appeal attorney Mr. Lewarchik and his talented staff bring the firm’s focus and commitment into ensuring the delivery of the highest quality appellate legal services possible.

Other Legal Services at Lewarchik Law, PLLC

In addition to our expert appellate law services, Lewarchik Law PLLC also offers outstanding legal advice and advocacy for criminal appeals, civil appeals, federal appeals, and post-conviction relief in the state of Illinois.

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