Michigan Appeals

Lewarchik Law PLLC, is the leading legal firm practicing appellate law in Michigan. Our highly skilled lawyer, Mr. David Lewarchik has decades of both courtroom and judicial experience in the highly specialized legal field known as appellate law.

Filing an appeal can be a complex and frustrating process, and having an appeal lawyer that specializes in this type of legal work is very important. Our goal at the firm is to approach every client with the courtesy, professionalism, and legal expertise that they demand.

By listening carefully to our clients, we are able to tailor appeals legal advice for their specific needs.

Appeal lawyer, Mr. Lewarchik, who represents the Michigan area, spent several years before private practice as a judicial appeal clerk and judicial appeal staff attorney, giving him the knowledge and skills that are crucial in securing favorable outcomes during the appeal process, no matter the particulars of the case.

From Michigan federal appeals to criminal case appeals and civil appeals, Lewarchik Law PLLC stands ready to help.

What is Appellate Law?

Appellate law is a specialized branch of the legal profession. In any trial – civil or criminal – once the facts are presented and the judge and jury come to an agreement, a final judgment is rendered. At times, one or more parties in the case may be unsatisfied with the outcome or the terms of this judgment.

Those parties unsatisfied with the outcome may file an appeal. The role of appellate courts is to hear these appeals, and while they don’t always hear new evidence or retry the original case, their role is to review the original case for the purposes of the appeal.

During the appeal review, they seek to determine whether proper courtroom and discovery procedures were followed, and they may look into the specific laws or statutes invoked in the final judgment of the case. In some appeals, the court has the additional duty of clarifying certain laws or statutes as they relate to the case’s original courtroom trial.

For the best Michigan appeal lawyer available, clients turn again and again to the renowned expertise of Lewarchik Law PLLC.

Michigan Appellate Law, the Lewarchik Law Way

Federal appeals, civil appeals, criminal appeals and post-conviction law cases can be extremely complex, filled with filing dates, new evidence, legal clarifications, and many more factors. From time to time, errors in judgment during the original trial can and will occur.

Parties may disagree with a decision, or there may be a sense that the penalty isn’t fair or justified. During the appeal process, an appeal lawyer must be flexible and able to change tactics as needed. In an appeal, new evidence may appear or new witnesses may present themselves.

Original court rulings may be reversed or revised as a part of the appeal process. While appellate courts do not often hear new evidence, an attorney must be prepared for this possibility. In these challenging circumstances, Michigan appeal lawyer Mr. David Lewarchik can be of tremendous benefit.

Staffed by an experienced attorney who knows the appeal process and the legal system as a whole, Lewarchik Law PLLC is the most reliable and dedicated source of appeal assistance in the Michigan area. No matter the circumstances of the original case or the appeal itself, we are confident in our ability to do everything in our power to secure a more favorable outcome in the hearing.

Mr. David Lewarchik is uniquely suited to the demands of appellate law. Mr. David Lewarchik’s experience stretches over decades in this specialized branch of appeals law.

In his career, Mr. Lewarchik has worked as an appellate judicial clerk, an appellate staff lawyer, and an appeal lawyer. During his time in private practice, he has provided legal representation to a variety of clients, from doctors to injured patients, criminal defendants, and companies. With this range of experiences in the courtroom and beyond, Mr. Lewarchik has an understanding of the appeal process that is hard to match.

As one of Michigan’s top appellate law firms, we are ready to provide the best appeal assistance possible.

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