Post-Conviction Lawyer in Chicago, IL

Post-conviction relief is an equally important concern to criminal and civil law and is equally deserving of the quality of legal representation that our appeals lawyer at Lewarchik Law PLLC provides.

Post-conviction appeals are often closely associated with criminal and civil proceedings, and the effective handling of its specific concerns will require the expertise of a qualified post-conviction lawyer serving Chicago, IL, Michigan, and beyond.Legal Books, Post-Conviction Lawyer, Chicago, ILPost conviction relief essentially refers to the right of an individual to have his case re-examined by another court for possible errors or omissions.

This right is granted to all convicted defendants during the trial proceedings, with the exception of those who have entered a plea of ‘guilty’ or ‘no contest’. Such defendants essentially waive away some of their rights for a later re-evaluation of their cases, although they retain some of the privileges associated with post conviction relief.

A defendant may appeal for post conviction relief on the basis of the following:

  • New opportunity for DNA testing that could potentially prove the defendant’s innocence
  • Evidence of perjury
  • Evidence of juror misconduct
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • Changes to the law that have a direct bearing on the verdict

With any or all these factors present, any previous ruling may be subject to overturning or revision.

As with most other major legal proceedings, hiring the right appeal lawyer is essential for dealing with post conviction relief proceedings in the most effective and most efficient way possible.

Lewarchik Law PLLC is staffed by a top-notch team of well-trained and highly-qualified legal professionals, many of who have years of experience specifically in the area of post conviction.

Mr. David Lewarchik is one of the most highly-recommended criminal and post conviction lawyers in the Illinois and Michigan areas.

The importance of hiring the right kind of lawyer cannot be emphasized enough.

Although most lawyers will be able to handle the more general aspects of a post conviction legal proceeding, only an appeal lawyer trained specifically in that field and who has extensive working experience in it will be able to deal with the case in the most suitable manner.

Considering the multitude of tasks, responsibilities, and issues surrounding the typical post conviction case, it is vital to have access to the type of quality legal representation that only Lewarchik Law PLLC can provide.